Student Submission & Advisor Approval

  1. Convert your report to PDF. Your advisor may want a copy of the pdf you will be submitting online.
  2. Submit/Modify your project online
  3. Your advisor must approve the project.
  4. You must complete the project Survey, after which you can
  5. print your eCDR to sign and give to your advisor. Your project partners must individually complete the survey and print their eCDR as well. If you are using the same pc, each person should exit the browser and start fresh to login individually.
  6. Your advisor turns in your eCDR to the Registrar's Office

For MQPs, you can complete the project and advisor evaluation in advance of the actual submission, which should save you time when it is time to submit.

The eCDR must be filed no later than the tenth day of the next academic term. Students who have filed an application to receive their degree in May must submit a completed eCDR to the Office of the Registrar by the last Thursday in D-term.

A complete list of deadlines is available from the Registrar's Office.

Before starting, you must register for your IQP or MQP.

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